Let us help you develop the visual identity of your brand or update a logo that looks out of date. Our team would be happy to help you find name your company in a way that favorably communicates your specialization. Because we are mostly viewing logos online or in high quality print, it is now possible to include shadows, photographic elements, different colors and even color gradients in a logo. We can also design custom headers and profile images for your website or social media platforms.

*Please note: Redstone 4D does not provide work on spec.

Today’s brand identities have undergone a major transformation with the ability to incorporate subtle shading, bright colors and high resolution details. 

There are endless variations on logos but here are some key examples:

We design everything from text only logos to simple one color shapes and  full color gradient logos.

When you purchase a logo design package you will receive the following:

1 black and white logo in png, pdf, jpeg format

3 color logos in png, pdf, jpeg format in horizontal, vertical and square orientations

1 eps/ ai file. This is the native file for your logo in the Adobe Illustrator program.

This can be used to generate new versions of your logo, change colors, add patterns and export more pdf’s etc.

A graphic designer will work from this program. This is useful if you decide to update your logo in several years which is always advisable.

*Optional: If your logo contained more complex color added in Adobe Photoshop you will also receive the native Photoshop file or files.

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